Academic English and Chemistry Terminology

AECT 2020 Timetable and weeks 1 and 2

Find here the AECT 2020 Timetable and tasks in week 1 and 2.

Find here the AECT 2018 programme with dates

What students thought of the course in 2015-2016:

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 10.19.13

Σχόλια από τη φόρμα αξιολόγησης φοιτητών 2013-2014

AECT2017-2018 assessment by students

Suggested bibliography:

  1. Robinson M. S. et al. Write like a Chemist; Oxford University Press: Oxford; 2008.
  2. Weissberg and Buker. Writing up Research; Experimental Research report writing for students of English. Prentice Hall Regents. 1990.


    • Class Attendance and contribution, peer-review and
    • at least 11 pieces of classwork/coursework including presentations, part of an IMRD paper scientific poster and a MOCK review paper.


3 thoughts on “Academic English and Chemistry Terminology

  1. Iwanna

    Iwanna (A.M. 1169)

    Feedback for Maria:

    I found your overall answer well – structured and I really liked the periodical “Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry” you choose to describe.

    Feedback for Giorgos:

    Overall, you did really well at your answers. I was impressed by the review paper you choose to describe.

  2. Maria

    Maria (A.M. 1186)

    Feedback for Iwanna:
    The wording is impressive and the papers that you chose were very interesting because their subjects are contemporary and useful.

    Feedback for Kostantina:
    I found your overall answer very good. I think that the chemistry review paper for perovskites was very interested because of this paper we got enough information about our project in advance materials’ lesson!!!!

  3. kallia

    Hi everybody,

    Really glad to see such active and meaningful participation in the coursework.

    Please note that you replied in the wrong section. You actually need to “leave a reply” in the post entitled EAP:C Reading and Homework 1. (Front page)

    There is no need to worry for now, just remember this for the next piece of homework.


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