By Kallia Katsampoxaki-Hodgetts, 2016

International graduate students are often equipped with substantial content knowledge when they enter an English for Academic Purposes (EAP) class. Having said that, more often than not a key issue which needs to be addressed is their ability to think, read or write critically when faced with a wide range of sources of information. EAP tutors should be prepared to raise students’ awareness over a number of lessons so as to mitigate differences between a higher and a lower level group.

If you want to read the whole article, here is the link:




Read the text on Alkanes in your book and watch the videos on alkane confomational analysis and alkane reactions. Write a well-organised and concise essay on “Alkanes” focusing on your essay’s COHERENCE and COHESION. This is to do with your ability to connect paragraphs and sentences in a logical order that enhances the flow of your essay (You can watch a video for this too). References and in-text citations should also be included. (No word limit)

NB. Feel free to look for additional resources or videos before writing your essay.

Alkanes conformations video

Alkanes reactions

Coherence and Cohesion video


Although I am not a chemistry professor and my chemistry background rarely surpasses that of my first year undergraduate students, I like to read about chemistry education tips and approaches that can improve university teaching. This one is a very tangible down-to-earth approach in three very simple steps.




Task 3 for ECHEM 2 students

This week we discussed water treatment processes options, water pollutants and sources.  You will have to write an essay favouring or nunfavouring the following view: “Many people cringe with disgust at the thought of having to drink treated toilet water. However, scientists claim that the “toilet-to-tap” approach can be perfectly safe.” Write an essay for and against the safety of drinking treated wastewater and justify your claims by using examples and evidence regarding water treatment processes from recent research studies. As well as the articles and videos provided in Edmodo, you might as well read the following article from ScienceDaily.


Essay guidelines for English 2:
  • in-text citations/references
  • good paragraph structure and topic sentences
  • cohesion and coherence devices
  • grammatical accuracy
  • good target vocabulary range
  • appropriate academic style (formality, hedging)
  • evaluative (not just descriptive) language
  • balanced argumentation


This is really interesting! I guess no one wants to be caught red handed! Beware publishing scientists aroung the world!




E1 students can choose one of the following topics or ANY other (MS-related) topic featuring in “Materials Today” and notify the instructor in Edmodo : http://www.materialstoday.com/news/

Suggested Materials Science Presentation topics 2015-2016

Manipulating light at the nanoscale:Photonics in Materials Science (MS)

Magneto-caloric metals in MS

Barocaloric effect in MS

New spin on Graphene makes it magnetic

Mercury tellurate and Graphene

Sticky fingers: Developing a materials science approach to forensics

Materials Science: Metals With Diamonds

Metal Composite that will literally float your boat

Spider man science: Tunable web glue and smart adhesives

Making complex composite materials to order

Understanding mussels’ stickiness could lead to better surgical and underwater glues

A Liquid Lens Could Improve Cataract Treatment

New fuel-cell materials pave the way for practical hydrogen-powered car

Bio-inspired plastic and MS

Proficiency holders (C2 level only) can take the test on Thursday 08/10/2015 at 15.00-16.00 in A2 (Chemistry Building) in order to be exempt from the written and oral exam requirements in English 1.

Kindly note that Proficiency holders will be eligible for exemption ONLY after they have given detailed feedback in all 5 online assignments during this semester to five different students in their group and their critical friends.

Diagnostic test results 2015: (exempted are the Chemistry students scoring 8 or more and the Materials Science students scoring more than 5.0)

Maria kol…2160 86%

Calliope Gian…2110 84%

Daphne Min…2087 82%

Maria-Areti Span…2100 80%

Stella Ho…2046 78%

Elisavet Maria Zan-…2084 78%

Alexandra-Evanthia 2093 76%

Alaelntin 1325 70%, Jordan 1331 70%, Grigoris 1317  54%, Iraklis Spirid…58%,
Savina Laz…66%, Areti Kokkino…70%, Katerina Mavronas… 64%
Konstantinos Froud… 56%, Vasiliki Kas… 43%,
Maria stav…2152 72%, Marina Pag…2098 64%, Eleftheria-Anna Tho…2146 60%, Maria Ant…2078 56%
Serpil Kiokek…62%, Kiriaki Bak…2137  72%, Ioanna Ba…2060 68%Ioannis Gian…2083 74%,
Magda Than…2172 72%, Irene Pri…1967 64%, Maria Sotir…2142 60%,Urania Kir…2133 60%,
Magdalene Top… 2040 62%, Nefeli Avg…2054 52%, Dimitra Arv…2081 68%, Irene Tzan…2086 52%
Evangelic-Eleni K. 2113 68%, Petros Sym…2053 64%, Anastasia-Marina Pyl… 2135 68%
Anastasia Lain…2053 62%, Nikos Patr…2115 64%, Konstantinos Myt…2073 64%
Anna Nik…2050 60%, Stella Mich…2030 60%, Evangellos Mel…2076 58%
Kyriaki Pap…1969 46%, Aphrodite Giap…2109 50%, Eleni Chris… 2070 50%

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