English for Materials Science II

All students are required to send an email to the instructor (stating name, department and registration number) so that they receive an invite to the online writing course platform for MS II. You can find more information regarding the content and assessment of English for Materials Science II course below:

E2 Mat blog 2015

Lectures take place every Monday from 9-12 in B2 (Chemistry building). Students submit homework every week on an online platform ( http://www.edmodo.com). Before you login you need to make an account using the latest class code (you need to ask the instructor).

Kindly note that there are  NO FINAL EXAMS in English 2 (in June or September). To proceed, you need to submit 8 written assignments, 6 online quizzes , one oral exam  and a 5 minute presentation . So, every other Tuesday, with some exceptions, you will have to submit one assignment and/or one quiz.

When using the Platform, please note that you can scroll down the timeline/discussion board on Edmodo to find the assignment submission box (where you are supposed to submit your work). Alternatively, you can look for the to-do-tasks in the calendar (a blue box with number 30 on it). Assignment questions or titles are updated every week and there you can find all required tasks and tests along with marking criteria and rubrics. Here you can find general  essay guidelines  for English 2 coursework. The quizzes aim to test your knowledge of the vocabulary covered in class (You can find the text in your textbook and the videos in Edmodo). Kindly note that you should not try to click on the quiz (and try it out) before you are READY to take the test. This is because you can open it only ONCE and it is timed.

If you haven’t already done so, you can pick up the book from the secretary or you can download a pdf version of it.  Hope this was of help to you.

kind regards,
Kallia Katsampoxaki-Hodgetts,

EAP instructor, University of Crete
2810-545102, office Γ 301 (Chemistry building)







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