English for Materials Science II


English 2 will be relying heavily on “English for Chemistry” and it will be supplemented by Materials Science related scientific papers and lectures. The book we will be using for this course will be “English for Chemistry EAP” by Kallia Katsampoxaki-Hodgetts.

Here is the 2018 programme for this class:

week 1    Unit 1 Revision of Chemistry terms

week 2    Unit 2 Chemical elements (properties) and the periodic table

week 3    Unit 4 Laboratory safety

week 4    Unit 5 Chemical bonding and intermolecular forces

Listening: Graphene

Article: The rise of Graphene (2007) 

week 5    Unit 6 Separation techniques

Listening: Thin Layer Chromatography

week 6    Unit 8 from electricity to electrochemistry

  Research paper: Making non-magnetic semiconductors ferromagnetic

week 7    Unit 9 Acids and Bases

   Research paper:  Nanoparticles, Proteins and Nucleic AcidsL Biotechnology Meets Materials Science

week 8   Unit 11 Polymers

Research paper: Biofibres, biodegradable polymer and biocomposites; an overview

week 9   Introduction to Proteins and other Biomolecules

Introduction to Organic Chemistry

week 10  Introduction to Enzymes and Enzymatic Chemistry

week 11-14 Student Presentations



20% Presentation and Essay 30%

50% exams

(10% Optional task bonus)

Lectures take place every Monday from 9-12 .

Students need to submit an essay  on an online platform ( http://www.edmodo.com) and Turnitin.  Before you login you need to make an account using the latest class code (you need to ask the instructor).When using the Platform, please note that you can scroll down the timeline/discussion board on Edmodo to find the assignment submission box (where you are supposed to submit your work). Alternatively, you can look for the to-do-tasks in the calendar (a blue box with number 30 on it).

The essay and presentation title should be the same. Students will choose their title with the instructor.  Here you can find general  essay guidelines  for English 2 coursework.

EAP instructor: Kallia Katsampoxaki-Hodgetts

Tel. (0030) 2810-545102

Office: Administration Building II (Kosmiteia) Room 202

Email: katsampoxaki@uoc.gr (When you send me an email, please sign it with your full name and student number)







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