English for Chemistry 2


Documented Essay and Presentation 50%

Final exams 50%

Documented essay title (2017)

English for Chemistry II students are expected to write a 1000-word documented essay on the following topic:

“Some researchers argue that fluoride in drinking water has  advantages and benefits while others claim that it only has disadvantages and poses serious risks. Does Fluoride in your drinking water expose you to dangerous chemicals or health risks?” Discuss the validity of each argument, establish a clear thesis and follow sound reasoning providing evidence from at least three academic journals. Students’ work will be submitted in Turn-it-In in order to check for plagiarism and similarity rates among peers.

A week following the submission of your essay, you will have to give a 5-minute presentation to a small group of students.  Presentations will be taking place during weeks 13 and 14 (May 14-31).

3-hour exam structure

Reading comprehension 10%

Vocabulary tasks 30%

Lecture note-taking and summary writing 20%

Essay writing (Synthesising information from given sources) 40%


Exam Content

This includes all listening tasks, and readings, papers and tasks in your textbook regarding:

Organic Chemistry


Food Chemistry

Environmental Chemistry


Online Platform

All students are required to send an email to the instructor (stating name, department and registration number) so that they receive an invite to the online writing course platform for Chem II in the first two weeks of the spring semester.

NB. Failure to register online before week 3 will result in your class being dropped. Students who wish to take the course again may do so in the following spring semester.

Previous course programmes

You can find information regarding the content and assessment of older English for Chemistry II courses in the link provided below:

English for Chemistry 2 programme 2014-2015

English for Chemistry 2 programme 2013-2014

English for Chemistry 2 programme 2015 -2016



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