Organic functional groups

organic-groups1This is from avery interesting site:  http://www.compoundchem.com/

Students are invited to attend a seminar in the Library so that they can search the database and find scholalry papers of their choice for the presentations.

A Chemistry students seminar will be held on Friday 11/04/2014 at 14.00-15.00

A Materials science students seminar will be held on Wednesday 30/04/2014  at 14.00-15.00

In the Library ask for Ms Katerina Lenaki (tel. 394268).

Many of you complain about the added workload thrust upon you in English 2. In an attempt to remove or even eliminate any extra stress before the Easter break I decided to make some changes. Given that you ALL have to give an oral (10- minute)Presentation , note the following changes regarding assessment:

ALL students can sit for the FINAL exam, whether or not they have completed all assingments. This is because the Final exam paper will be different on different occasions

1) Students who completed all TEN assignments (including the Presentation) will only have to complete 1 multiple choice test at the exam. (Test A: duration 15 minutes)

2) Students who have completed more than 6 assingments (including the Presentation) they have to complete 4 tasks or less during the exam depending on the number of assignments they owe. (Test B: duration ranges from 30-60 minutes)

3) Students who have completed more than 3 assingments (including the Presentation) they have to complete as many more tasks during the exam as the assingments they still owe. (Test C: 2 hours: one task will be one of the writing tasks you had to sybmit in the platform)

Students that have not completed any assignments nor given the Presentation should sit for the September exam only. (Test D: duration 3 hours:  it will consist of 11 tasks, three of which will be writing tasks you had to submit online (in the platform).




This is by Aggelos Kritikos, 2014, UNiversity of Crete. Well Done, Aggelos!!!

ΑΓΓΛΙΚΑ Ι results 2013-2014

Those of you that ought to give a presentation in order to proceed, please save the following date:

Friday, 14th March, 900-11.00.

Material Science Students Computer Lab is now rescheduled for Friday 1200-13.00. Kindly note that deadlines for the first draft of your assignment have not changed; this is still on Tuesday evening (at 10.00pm).


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