All students taking English 1 should contact the instructor (message through online platform or email) in order to be given the topic of their Presentation. The instructor will notify you of your topic. You are free to narrow it down as much as you like. For example, if your topic was “Green Chemistry”, you could keep it general in an attempt to cover as many aspects of it. Alternatively, you could focus for example on “Renewable feedstock” only or “Selective Catalytic Reagents” only. It is really up to you!

Part of the Presentations assignment is to upload on November 11th, 2014 your powerpoint slides so that they can be reviewed by your classmates. (See the respective assignemnt in Lore Calendar)


food safety



If you took the Diagnostic test on October 2nd, you may have been able to be exempted from some or all the requirements of English 1. Have a look below to find out what applies to you and your department. Diagnostic 2014 results



Today we are going to focus on properties Ceramics. We will hear a video on The FUTURE of MATERIALS: ADVANCED CERAMICS

Click on the link below to watch the video and then download the pdf to complete the missing notes


Handout: The Future of materials Advanced Ceramics Video

To Friday’s (1.00-4.00) Group B -Chemistry students only:

You can find the video Scientific Method Made Easy in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcavPAFiG14

After watching the video and completing the handout given, you may send me an email or message in Lore with your answers or any questions you might have.

Kallia Katsampoxaki-Hodgetts

Online Platform

Lore.com  is the online platform to be used for assignment submission and discussion by English 1 students. PLease ask the instructor for the course code so that you can sign up.



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