This is a great film on how we can change our world through observation, mapping, unerstadning cause and effect, believing and taking action!



Exam Dates for English

English for Materials Science I 18th June

English for Materials Science II* 18th June

English for Maths I 24th June

English for Chemistry I 30th June

English for Chemistry II* 30th June


*All students registered can sit for the exam regardless of the number of assignments submitted.


English 1 exam will be taking place on the 30th June 2014 at 16.00 in A1 in the Chemistry Department.

Dear All,

This is to remind you that a UOC honorary award will be conferred to the Harvard Profesor, Dr. Daniel Nocera, Maverick inventor of an “artificial leaf” which can mimic photosynthesis in plants. He will be giving a speech on his invention, the holy grail of energy research on Tuesday 27th at 5.30 in Manassaki Lecture theatre. Dont miss it.

Here is a taster:

Other Useful Links


Here is an excellent example of a laboratory report in English. Following the conventions, write a report on a recent experiment you conducted in the undergraduate labs.


Organic functional groups

organic-groups1This is from avery interesting site:  http://www.compoundchem.com/

Students are invited to attend a seminar in the Library so that they can search the database and find scholalry papers of their choice for the presentations.

A Chemistry students seminar will be held on Friday 11/04/2014 at 14.00-15.00

A Materials science students seminar will be held on Wednesday 30/04/2014  at 14.00-15.00

In the Library ask for Ms Katerina Lenaki (tel. 394268).


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