chem elements of smart phone jpg

I love this poster from “Compound Interest”! Here is the link to the accompanying article.http://www.compoundchem.com/2014/02/19/the-chemical-elements-of-a-smartphone/

and here is the video made by “Reactions”

Chemistry Life Hacks (Vol.1)

I love the new Chemistry videos by AmericanChemistry Society (2014). This is just Vol.1 of more to come:

This is the handout to go with it:

wk 1 Chemistry Life hack vol 1 handout


Although it’s really hot here in Greece and most of you are probably dipping your feet in the sea,  I thought that some of you might still look for ways to keep your mind sharp by enrolling on a short online course with


It seems there is something there for everyone! And for those of you wishing to brush up your spoken or written skills in English I noticed at least four courses that could be somehow useful.

This is a great film on how we can change our world through observation, mapping, unerstadning cause and effect, believing and taking action!



Exam Dates for English

English for Materials Science I 18th June

English for Materials Science II* 18th June

English for Maths I 24th June

English for Chemistry I 30th June

English for Chemistry II* 30th June


*All students registered can sit for the exam regardless of the number of assignments submitted.


English 1 exam will be taking place on the 30th June 2014 at 16.00 in A1 in the Chemistry Department.


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