E2 Assessment modes

E2 Assessment modes


Freshers’ Welcome!

Welcome to English for Chemistry Foundation Course at the University of Crete!

English for Chemistry is an English for Specific Purposes (E.S.P.) and English for Academic Purposes (E.A.P.) course tailored to the needs of first and second year undergraduate chemistry students at the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Crete.

There are two compulsory modules in year one, in the winter and spring semester each, and an optional module you can only attend provided you have passed English 1 and 2. There are 3-hour lessons every week for thirteen weeks.

A description of the courses can be found on the right hand side link provided. The links will guide you through the course requirenments, content and important dates so that you are well aware of what’s to come!


In order to raise our educational standards, we need to be aware of your profile as a student. For this reason, we run diagnostic tests in English. This is for some of the students’ own benefit (It’s not compulsory). Students who already hold either the Michigan or Cambridge Proficiency Certificate and happen to score more than 8 in the diagnostic test are exempted from TEST 1 in Chemistry English 1, if they wish. It’s worth having a go at it! There is nothing to lose!

All you need to do is contact your tutor by email and find out the date you can take the exam.

Last but not least, there will be announcements concerning library seminars throughout the semester. Do not miss them. You will save a lot of time later on if you know how to use the library facilities.