Questions Reviewers Ask

New reviewers (in peer-reviewed journals) evaluate the language as well as the science of the work published. Here are some questions they ask:

  1. Does the paper fit the standards and scope of the journal it is being considered for?
  2. Is the research question clear?
  3. Was the approach appropriate?
  4. Are the study design , methods and analysis appropriate to the question being studied?
  5. Is the study innovative or original?
  6. Does the study challenge existing paradigms or add to existing knowledge?
  7. Does it develop novel concepts ?Does it matter ?
  8. Are the methods described clearly enough for other researchers to replicate ?
  9. Are the methods of statistical analysis and level of significance appropriate?
  10. Could presentation of the results be improved and do they answer the question?
  11. If humans, human tissues or animals are involved, was ethics approval gained and was the study ethical?
  12. Are the conclusions appropriate?
If the science is sound but the language is poor, some reviewers may suggest edits, whereas others might flag up to the editor that the paper needs an English language edit. If the language is so poor it is difficult to assess the science you might recommend the author improves the language and resubmit.

Author: Kallia Katsampoxaki-Hodgetts

EAP/ESP lecturer and instructor Academic Writing Specialist School of Science and Engineering University of Crete Tel. (0030) 2810 545102 Office Γ301, Chemistry Department Panistimioupoli Vouton, Heraklion, Crete, 71003

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