Proficiency holders exempted from E1 Chemistry 2013-2014

Proficiency holders that took the diagnostic test, presented their certificate to the teacher and were exempted from the course are the following:
Evangelia Zacharias Boumpoulaki 1780
Foteini Christos Arvaniti 1863
Ioannis Charidimos Pantelakis 1831
Niki Emmanuil Petraki 1825
KOnstantinos Nikolaou Daskalakis 1770
Papadopoulou V 1810
Chatzogiannakis D 1836
Patramanis D 1794
Charitakis A 1843
Michalakis F-I 1856 (original certificate pending)
Batzavali D 1833
Mantas N 1868
Vavoulas D 1768
Modatsos E 1785
Kogchylakis S 1787
Papaioannou Ath. 1365
Nikolaou Ch 1832
Makri G 1855

1844 Papanastou

Androulaki 1813

Klontza 1763

Mavromagoulos A 1801

Vaxevani N 1755

1750 Xydiari E

1856 Michalakis


Author: Kallia Katsampoxaki-Hodgetts

EAP/ESP lecturer and instructor Academic Writing Specialist School of Science and Engineering University of Crete Tel. (0030) 2810 545102 Office Γ301, Chemistry Department Panistimioupoli Vouton, Heraklion, Crete, 71003

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