E1 Presentation feedback

1530. 1591. One read notes or slides but good eye contact. Answered questions well. Good content. Average references. Mark 7/10.

1580. 1593. Asked audience questions. Very good content. Mispronounces words. Average references. Explained formula well. Mark 8/10.

1607. Jumbled up lines in slide. Too much text in a couple. Pronunciation problems.turned back to audience. No contact. Read from slides. Mark 5/10.

1605. 1589. Excellent delivery. Good content. References average/ not scientific. A couple of mispronounces words. Mark 8.5/10.

1539. 1608. Slides unreadable. One read from slide. Interesting content. Two average references. Mark 6.5/10.

1558. Good starter questions. Good accent. Good references. Tidy slides. Read notes. Answered audience questions well. Mark 7/10.

1611. Asked audience questions. Very good delivery. Excellent content. A few mispronounces words. Mark 9/10.

Answered audience questions well.

1610 read from notes. Good accent. Little eye contact. Turns back to audience. Tiny picture/ diagram. Illegible slide. Poor analysis of graph. No references. Mark 5/10.

1577.1529. Very good explanation of synthesis. Technical content. Tidy slides. Read notes a lot. Misspellings. Mispronunciation. Graph explained. Poor references. Mark 6/10.

1550. 1624. Didnt read notes. Spelling pronunciation mistakes. No references. Answered questions well. Mark 6.5/10

1553. 1603. Read notes 80%. Did not know what they were reading about. Too long. Mark 5/6.

1592. 1697. Read slides.too much info on on slides. Content with chemistry background. Not well prepared. Mark 6.5/10.

1567. 1527. Both very enthusiadtic. One of them- little eye contact, read notes only. Pronunciation mistakes. Content very good. Failed to answer questions well. No references. Mark 7/10.

1549. Content excellent. Delivery poor. Read notes from slides. Mispronounced words. Slides in wrong order? Failed to answer questions
well. Mark 6.5/10.

1604. Interesting beginning. Very good content. Excellent delivery. Concise / to the point. Few Slides with too much text. Mark 8/10.

1571. Ionic bonding. read notes. no references. Mark 6/10

1570. 1587. pronunciation problems. one read notes a lot. other paraphrased notes very well! chemistry related topic.Mark 7.5/10.

1590. 1569.  Clear and tidy slides. read notes. weak pronunciation. interesting content. references Mark 7/10

1565. 1596.  invisible fonts in some slides. slide with too dark background. one read notes a lot. some mispronunciation. references. Didnt answer all questions. Mark. 8/10.

1540/1563 Caffeine. 10/10

1503 Greenhouse Effect  08/10


Author: Kallia Katsampoxaki-Hodgetts

EAP/ESP lecturer and instructor Academic Writing Specialist School of Science and Engineering University of Crete Tel. (0030) 2810 545102 Office Γ301, Chemistry Department Panistimioupoli Vouton, Heraklion, Crete, 71003 https://twitter.com/kalliacrete

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