EAP:C Homework wk 6 to wk13

The paper on “Aerosols Sampling using a cryogenic instrument” (2006) is a technical note. Write an essay explaining how it is different or similar to an experimental paper and to a  review paper? Kindly note that you should include aspects related to style, content and structure.

(Words length: 250)


Author: Kallia Katsampoxaki-Hodgetts

EAP/ESP lecturer and instructor Academic Writing Specialist School of Science and Engineering University of Crete Tel. (0030) 2810 545102 Office Γ301, Chemistry Department Panistimioupoli Vouton, Heraklion, Crete, 71003 https://twitter.com/kalliacrete

2 thoughts on “EAP:C Homework wk 6 to wk13”

  1. A technical note-paper is a summary of observations leading to a specific point, similar to a thesis. A thesis has notes which usually reference other papers or books. It is similar with a technical paper, except that it has references to other paper’s experiment observations. A technical note has the same structure with some other papers, such as review papers, although it is shorter than the usual papers. It has a title, a reference to the author, an abstract, an introduction, an experimental section, a part with results and discussion and conclusion. A typical outline of a paper is abstract(typically not more than 100-150 words), introduction, related work, outline of the rest of the paper, the body of the paper(problem, approach, architecture, results), related work, summary and future work, acknowledgements, bibliography and reporting numerical results and simulations. Furthermore, it is easy to notice the problems of the method which is analyzing, as they are mentioned in the introduction. After the problems, the author gives some solutions and then describes the feasibility and the applicability of those methods. Moreover, the author has the capacity to negotiate many issues.
    Comparing the technical note with a review paper or a research paper, we have to say that the first one is more practical than the other which are more theoretical. A good research paper has a clear statement of the problem the paper is addressing, the proposed solution(s), and results achieved. It describes clearly what has been done before on the problem, and what is new. The goal of a paper is to describe novel technical results. A paper should focus on
    • describing the results in sufficient details to establish their validity
    • identifying the novel aspects of the results, what new knowledge is reported and what makes it non-obvious;
    • identifying the significance of the results: what improvements and impact do they suggest.
    To be the technical note a more practical text, refers specifically experimental data and solutions that will help to use the technical and address the problems that appear in those methods.
    A technical note has a lot in common with an experimental paper as both of them do references in a technical part of a science. An experimental paper has as objective of study some experimental work which some scientists have done before. On the other hand, a technical note has as objective of study some experimental methods and techniques. We must make clear that both papers have the same structure even though they are different disciplines.
    In conclusion, we must make clear that a review paper is useful for some theoretical knowledge, an experimental paper is useful for some experimental knowledge and a technical note is useful for the knowledge of some experimental techniques.

  2. Iwanna (A.M. 1169)

    Feedback for Fanouris:
    I really liked the essay you wrote. It is interesting and you did very good job. I tried to found information about technical note but I couldn’t so your trial was impressive.

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