Questions you asked

1)  Q: As well as taking the exam, how many essays do we have to write?

A: Just one out of the three. Length 500 words. Bibliography should be provided at the end. Plagiarism should be avoided. You can find a sample essay in this link.

2) Q: What topics can we choose for a presentation?

A: You are free to choose any topic as long as it is chemistry-related. You may also present  for 5 minutes only, in pairs or individually. You don’t have to write a report after this.

3) Q: Can I hand-in a draft for revision before the final version of my essay?

A: Yes. Feel free to email a draft with questions or issues you might need further explanations for and I will be happy to help you out.

4) Q: How do we hand-in the essay, typed up or hand-written?

A: In an attempt to avoid wasting paper, I urge everybody to send the essay to the tutor by email. Upon receiving your email I should send you a reply verifying it. Keep the receipt in your in-box just in case.

5) Q: As for book, where do we pick it up from?

A: From the tutor’s office, during office hours, on Monday and Thursday.

6) Q: Are there any notes (handouts, photocopies) provided?

A: Yes, on several occasions. Pick them up in class or from this blog. Check it on a weekly basis to be up-to-date.

7) Q: When do the exams, presentations, essay dates take place?

A: Everything should be after January the 10th, 2011. You will be notified in advance.

8) Q: If I am a Proficiency Certificate (C2)  Holder I am exempted from the Final exam of E1?

A: Yes, but you still need to write the essay and make the presentation. Also, it is advisable to attend classes since this will make your transition to E2 much smoother. Feel free to take the exam though, just for the experience, if you wish.

Kindly note that if you wish to be exempted, you need to hand in a photocopy as well as the original certificate to the tutor after Christmas vacation. The original will be returned to you on the same day.

9) Q: Can I keep the book If I decide not to attend the class?

A: You may keep the book as long as you registered for the course. Otherwise, please note that other people might be in need of it, so feel free to return it during office hours.

10) What other benefits do I get by attending this course?

A: It is not just General Chemistry terminology in English that this course focuses on. You will also learn how to write and present  academic English appropriately, a skill that will be of use to you indefinitely from now on. Last but not least, you may ask for references for future ventures of yours (Masters degree or Erasmus).


Author: Kallia Katsampoxaki-Hodgetts

EAP/ESP lecturer and instructor Academic Writing Specialist School of Science and Engineering University of Crete Tel. (0030) 2810 545102 Office Γ301, Chemistry Department Panistimioupoli Vouton, Heraklion, Crete, 71003

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